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Shortcuts for Twitter Bootstrap

actionLinkAction Link
boxUIBox UI
buttonModalButton Modal
buttonRowButton Row
CastDataCast Data Function (CRUD)
changeToDrilldownSeriesConvert a Data Frame to a Drilldown Series for Use in...
changeToSeriesConvert a Data Frame to a Series for Use in Highcharter
colToDateConvert a Character Time Column into a Date and Strip Out...
createAreaChartCreate an Area Chart in Highcharter
createColumnCreate a Column Chart Using Highcharter
CreateDataCreate Data Function (CRUD)
createDrilldownCreate a Drilldown Chart Using Highcharter
createHeatmapCreate a Heatmap Using Highcharter
createLaunchModalCreate Launch Modal
createLoadModalScriptLaunch a Modal on Shiny Page Load Function
createPrezModalCreate a Modal Based On a Google Slide Presentation
createQueryCreate an Atlantis, Warehouse, or Hive QueryRunner function
createUIModalCreate a Modal Based on a User Interface
createWaterfallCreate a Waterfall Chart Using Highcharter
csvFileCSV File Handler
csvFileInputCSV File Input
DeleteDataDelete Data Function (CRUD)
filterDataFilter Data Using Lazy Evaluation
filterNotDataFilter Data Not Matching a Given Criteria Using Lazy...
GetNextIdGet Next ID (CRUD)
GetTableMetadataGet Table Metadata Function (CRUD)
highcharterOptionsHighcharter Options
loadDataLoad Data from SQL Connection
loadPkgsLoad Packages
prepSeriesPrepare a Data Frame to Be Converted to a Series for Use in...
prepSeriesSumPrepare a Data Frame to Be Converted to a Series for Use in...
problemPackagesRemove problematic functions
ReadDataRead Data Function (CRUD)
saveDataAppend Data from Data Frame to MySQL Table
saveDataSQLAppend Data from Data Frame to MySQL Table
second_el_to_numericSecond to Numeric
setSQLOptionsSet SQL Options
shinyBoots-packageshinyBoots Package Documentation
summarizeDrilldownSeriesSummarizes Data for a Drilldown Series for Use in Highcharter
trackingScriptOutGoogle Analytics Tracking Script
UpdateDataUpdate Data Function (CRUD)
UpdateInputsUpdate Inputs Function (CRUD)
valueBoxGroupValue Box Group
wideToLongConvert Dataframe from Wide to Long
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