Man pages for julienvollering/MIAmaxent
A Modular, Integrated Approach to Maximum Entropy Distribution Modeling

chooseModelTrains a model containing the explanatory variables...
deriveVarsDerive variables by transformation.
MIAmaxentMIAmaxent: A Modular, Integrated Approach to Maximum Entropy...
modelFromLambdasMaxent model from .lambdas file.
plotFOPPlot Frequency of Observed Presence (FOP).
plotRespPlot model response.
predict.iwlrPredict method for infinitely-weighted logistic regression
projectModelProject model across explanatory data.
readDataRead in data object from files.
release_questionsReminders when using devtools::release
selectDVforEVSelect parsimonious sets of derived variables.
selectEVSelect parsimonious set of explanatory variables.
testAUCCalculate model AUC with test data.
toydata_dvsDerived variables and transformation functions, from toy...
toydata_seldvsSelected derived variables accompanied by selection trails,...
toydata_selevsSelected explanatory variables accompanied by selection...
toydata_sp1poOccurrence and environmental toy data.
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