Man pages for junruidi/actigraphy
Feature Extraction from Minute Level Actigraphy Data

crfpcaFunctional Principal Component Analysis for Whole Day...
example_activity_dataExample Activity/Wear Data from Multiple People
ExtCosExtended Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity
ExtCos_longExtended Cosinor Model for Circadian Rhythmicity for Whole...
fragmentationFragmentation Metrics
fragmentation_longFragmentation Metrics for Whole Dataset
ISInterdaily Statbility
IVIntradaily Variability
IV_longIntradaily Variability for Whole Dataset
plot_profilePlot Daily Activity Profile
RARelative Amplitude
RA_longRelative Amplitude for Whole Dataset
TimeTime of A Certain activity State
Time_longTimne Metrics for Whole Dataset
TvolTotal Volumen of Activity for Whole Dataset
wear_flagCreate Wear/Nonwear Flags
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