drag-and-drop popup menus DONE font<- (use qfont) dispose(gwindow()) and is_extant (no ~QWindow, then still extant. gtable first column is too big XXX


fonts (styles, fonts objects) DONE GComponent.R DONE GContainer.R DONE GWidget.R


DONE gwindow.R DONE ggroup.R DONE gframe.R DONE gexpandgroup.R DONE glayout.R DONE gpanedgroup.R DONE gnotebook.R DONE gstackwidget.R DONE gformlayout.R


DONE dialogs.R


DONE gaction.R DONE gbutton.R DONE gcalendar.R DONISH gcheckbox.R (TOGGLE BUTTON) DONE gcheckboxgroup.R gcombobox.R (Revert to no qdataFrame -- issue with editable) DONiSH gdf.R (ish) gdfnotebook.R DONE gedit.R: set_invalid needed, validation DONE gfile.R DONE ghtml.R DONE ggraphics.R DONE gimage.R DONE glabel.R DONE gmenu.R (popups?) DONE gradio.R DONE gseparator.R DONE gslider.R DONE gspinbutton.R DONE gstatusbar.R NO WIDGET gsvg.R DONISH gtable.R (set_names, sort, popup menu?) DONE gtext.R keyrelease event and svalue. DONE gtimer.R DONE gtoolbar.R DONE gtree.R: DONISH gvarbrowser.R (DND, context menu_ DONE icons.R

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