Man pages for jverzani/gWidgetsWWW2
Toolkit implementation of the gWidgets API for use with web pages

addAdd child component to parent container
add.GComponentmethod for add
addHandlerBlurAssign handler to blur (lose focus) event
addHandlerChangedAssign handler to default event
addHandlerClickedAssign handler to click event
addHandlerColumnClickedAssign handler to click event for column (gdf, gtable)
addHandlerColumnDoubleClickAssign handler to double click event for column (gdf, gtable)
addHandlerDestroyAssign handler to destroy event (such as page being unloaded)
addHandlerDoubleClickAssign handler to double click event
addHandlerFocusAssign handler to focus in event
addHandlerIdleAssign handler to be called repeatedly after some interval
addHandlerKeystrokeAssign handler to keystroke event
addHandlerMouseMotionAssign handler to mouse motion event
addHandlerSelectionChangedAssign handler to a change of selection event
addSpringAdd a spring to push additionnal child objects to far end of...
addSpring.defaultMethod for addSpring
addSpring.GGroupMethod for addSpring
addStockIconsAdd to the stock icons
Array-classAn array class.
asIconMark a character as an Icon
asURLAdd URL to class of object if not already
blockHandlertemporariliy block handler by id
bracketMethod for [
bracket_assignassignment method for "["
browse_dfBrowse a data frame in the global environment using gtable
coerceToJSStringCoerce an object to a string
column_editorGeneric function to create column editor for a table widget
column_editor.defaultMethod to create column editor for a table widget
column_editor.factorMethod to create column editor for a table widget
column_editor.integerMethod to create column editor for a table widget
column_editor.logicalMethod to create column editor for a table widget
column_editor.numericMethod to create column editor for a table widget
column_rendererGeneric function to render a column in ExtJS Grid
column_renderer.defaultMethod to render a column in ExtJS Grid
column_renderer.IconMethod to render a column in ExtJS Grid
deleteDelete child object
delete.GComponentdelete method
dim.GComponentdim method for GComponent's
disposeDispose (delete) object
dispose.GComponentMethod for dispose
download_extjsdownload extjs files and unzips into location to be found
editable_assignToggle editability of the object, if supported
emptyJSArrayAn empty array
enabledIs widget enabled, sensitive to user input
enabled_assignSet if widget is enabled
enabled.GComponentenabled method
escapeSingleQuoteescape single quote
ExtArgs-classa class to handle map between R and arguments for constructor
focusSet focus onto object.
font_assignSet font properties, if implemented
gactiongaction implementation
gaction-classClass for gaction
galertquick alert message - not modal or obtrusive (dropped from...
gbasicdialogStub for a basic dialog
gborderlayoutA "border" layout is a layout where up to four satellite...
gbuttonBasic button widget
gcalendarcalendar widget
gcheckboxcheckbox widget
gcheckboxgroupA group of checkboxes
gcomboboxcombobox implementation
gconfirmConfirmation dialog
GContainer-classBase reference class for container objects.
gdfA widget for editing a data frame
GDialog-classBase class for dialogs
geditgedit widget
getFromDotsget value from ... arguments
getStockIconByNameGet the icon class (or url) by its name
getStockIconsReturn stock icons
get_tempfileGet a temporary file matching the given extension, if given.
get_tempfile_urlGet url for a tempfile created by 'get_tempfile'
getWithDefaultReturn x unless NULL, NA, length 0, ..., in which case we...
gexpandgroupgexpandgroup A box container which can disclose or hide its...
gfileFile selection form
gformlayoutA form layout container
gframegframe is a title-decorated ggroup box container
gggroup'GGroup' is the base class for ggroup and all box containers/
ggooglemapsGoogle maps widget
ggooglemaps_infowindowAdd an infowindow - a popup cartoon - to the map
GGoogleMapsObject-classbase class for ggooglemaps objects
ggooglemaps_polygonDraw a polygon on the map
GGoogleMapsPolygon-classbase class for ggooglemaps polygon
ggooglemaps_polylineA method to write a polyline to a map
ggroupGroup, or box, container
ghtmlwidget to render HTML text pages
gimageContainer for an image
ginputinput dialog.
glabelA label widget
glayoutA table container
gmenuMenubar implementation
gmenu-classbase class for menu instances.
gmessageA simple message dialog.
gnotebookNotebook container
gpanedgroupA paned group container
gpanelA panel to hold other JavaScript things
gradioRadio button group
gseparatorSeparator - insert separator line
gsliderslider widget
gspinbuttonBasic spinbutton
gstackwidgetstack widget is a "card" container. Use 'gnotebook' methods...
gstatusbarStatus bar for gwindow instances
gstatusbar-class'GStatusbar' class for gstatusbar
gsvgwidget to display svg files
gsvg-classbase class for gsvg
gtableA table widget
gtextA text area widget
gtreegtree widget
gwidgetStub for roxygen2 documentation of common arguments for...
GWidgetArrayProxy-classProxy to return array data (combobox, table, gdf, ...)...
GWidgetArrayStore-classA store for an array (inbetween widget and proxy)
GWidgetHTMLProxy-classProxy for ghtml
GWidgetProxy-classinterface between R objects and JSON to supply Ext objects...
GWidgetsTopLevel-classA toplevel object for a gWidgetsWWW2 app stores page-specific...
GWidgetStore-classBasic store, no default proxy so this isn't useful without...
gWidgetsWWW2-packageBase class for all Ext objects
GWidgetText-classBase class for text widgets
gwindowMain window constructor
insertInsert text into 'gtext'
insert.GComponentmethod for insert
is_emptyis value missing, null, 0-length or NA length 1
isIconIs this an icon? (has class Icon)
is_running_localIs the process running locally?
isURLIs value a URL: either of our class URL or matches url...
JsonRPCObjectBase class to subclass to make a JsonRPCObject.
json_rpc_serverStart a json RPC server
JsonRPCServer-classA Rook app to be a JSON RPC server
length.GComponentlength method for GComponent's
load_appLoad a web app defined by a gWidgetsWWW2 script
load_dirLoad all apps in the directory specified
load_dirappLoad an app in a directory
makeFieldshelper function to write field names for Ext constructor
make_rapache_filesMake a template for the rapache configuration files
make_rapache_loadappMake an apache configuration for a given app
make_stock_iconsmake stock icons
mapTypesMap a type
merge.listmerge two lists
names_assignassignment method for names
names.GComponentmethod for names
ourQuotemake a string safe to pass in as HTML fragment.
removeHandlerRemove handler
shQuoteEscescaping strings
size_assignSet size property, if implemented
StringString class - does not get escaped in object literals
String_renderInternal function to call whisker.render and compose with...
svalueReturn main value associated with a widget
svalue_assignSet main value associated with a widget
tagRetreive a persistent attribute for an object
tag_assignSet a persistent attirbute for an object
tag.GComponentmethod for tag
toJSArrayMake a JS array from an R object
toJSObjectmap an R list object into a string containing javascript code...
tooltipSet a tooltip for the widget
unblockHandlerunblock handler by id
update.GComponentmethod for update
visibleGenerically returns if widget is in visible state
visible_assignPrimarily used to set if widget is shown, but also has other...
XXXFunctions to message something needs doing. Easy to search...
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