Man pages for kamapu/vegtables
Handling Vegetation Data Sets

add_relevesMerge relev├ęs from data frames into vegtable objects.
aggregateAggregating information into a data frame.
as.listCoerce an S4 object to a list.
aspect_conv-dataConversion of Aspect Classes to Azimuth
braun_blanquet-dataConversion of Braun-Blanquet codes to cover percentage.
cleanClean orphaned records in vegtable object.
coverconvert-classCover conversion tables.
crosstableGenerating cross tables from database lists.
df2vegtableConvert a data frame into a vegtable object.
dune_veg-dataDutch Dune Meadows.
ExtractSelect or replace elements in objects.
headerRetrieve or replace slot header in 'vegtable' objects.
Kenya_veg-dataVegetation-Plots from Kenya.
layers2samplesAdd information from slot 'layers' into slot 'samples'.
make_cocktailProduce a Cocktail classification.
match_namesSearch matchings between character and taxlist objects.
merge_taxaMerge concepts.
namesRetrieve names of vegtable and coverconvert objects.
read_juiceImporting 'Juice' tables.
shaker-classClass containing Cocktail algorithms.
shaker-methodsSet slots in shaker objects.
subsetSubset functions for vegtable objects.
summarySummary method for vegtable objects.
transformConvert cover scales to percent cover.
tv2coverconvertImporting conversion tables from 'Turboveg' databases.
tv2vegtableImport vegetation data from a 'Turboveg' databases.
used_synonymsRetrieve synonyms used in the data set.
veg_relationRetrieve or replace relations in vegtable objects.
vegtable2kmlMapping of plot observations.
vegtable-classClass vegtable.
vegtable_statGeneral statistics from vegtable objects.
Wetlands-dataVegetation-plots from Tanzania.
write_juiceExporting Tables for 'Juice'.
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