Man pages for kaneplusplus/basket
Basket Trial Analysis

basketCreate a Basket Trial Analysis
basket_mapGet the Basketwise Maximum A Posteriori Probability Matrix
basket_nameThe Names of the Baskets
basket-packageBasket Trial Analysis
basket_pepThe Basketwise Posterior Exchangeability Probability Matrix
cluster_basketsGet the Cluster Members of MEM Models
cluster_mapGet the Clusterwise Maximum A Posteriori Probability Matrix
cluster_pepGet the Clusterwise Posterior Exchangeability Matrix
cluster_pep_membershipCluster Baskets Base on their PEP's
plot_densityPlot the Response Densities in Basket Trials
plot_mapPlot the Map Exchangeability of a Basket Trial
plot_memPlot the Prior, MAP, and PEP of a Basket Trial
plot_pepPlot the Posterior Exchangeability of a Basket Trial
sample_posteriorSample Posterior Samples from a Basket Trial
update_p0Update Full Bayes results with different p0 values
vemuSummary Data from the Vemurafenib Study
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