Man pages for katrikorpela/mare
Microbiota Analysis in R Easily

BlastCreate taxonomic tables based on Blast alignment of the reads
CAZyPredict carbohydrate metabolism
ClustersClustering of bacterial taxa
CombineProjectsCombine taxonomic tables and metadata of two projects
CommonTaxaIdentify the most abundant and prevalent taxa
CopyFilesCopy the taxonomic tables and move the R session to the new...
CorrelationMapHeatmap of correlations between bacterial taxa and host...
CovariatePlotPlot trend lines of bacterial abundances against a continuous...
CovariateTestSignificance Testing
FormatRefDBCreate a UDB-format reference database
GroupPlotVisualise group differences
HITChip2SeqTransform HITChip data into taxonomic tables
mareGUIGraphical User Interface for mare
mare-packageMicrobiota Analysis in R Easily ~~ mare ~~
OrganiseOrganise the taxonomic tables to match the metadata file
PathModelTest how bacterial taxa and host variables together influence...
PCoAPrincipal coordinates analysis
ProcessReadsPre-processing of raw 16S amplicon sequences
SimplePre-processing of raw 16S amplicon sequences and creation of...
TaxonomicTableCreate taxonomic tables
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