Man pages for katrinajones/regions
Analysis of Regions in Serially-homologous Structures

AICcalcCalculate AICc parameter for models
alligatorMeasurements from the vertebral column of Alligator
axesplotPlot PCO axes
calcregionsCalculate segmented regression models
compileregionsCalculates region model fit
eigenplotPlot eigenvalues
MissingvalEstimate and fill missing values
modelselectSelect best region models from segmented regressions
model_supportCalculate relative support for each model
multvarrsqCalculate multivariate adjusted r squared
musmMeasurements from the vertebral column of Mus
PCOcutoffFind signficant PCOs
pco.loadEstimate loadings on PCOS
PCOmaxFind the number of PCOs which yeilds the Maximum regionscore
plotpcoregPlot the scree distribution of regionscores across pcos
plotsegregPlot best segmented regression model
plotvarMake a scree plot of variables against species
region_analRun regionalization analysis
regionheatPlots heatmap of region boundaries
regionmodelGraphs top region model
regionrsqR-squared for Best Model
sens_analRun Sensistivity analysis
sim_missingSimulate missing data
single.modelCalculate single region model
svdPCOCalculate PCO (principal co-ordinates analysis) based on svd
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