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Moral Foundations Dictionary


A quanteda dictionary object containing the Moral Foundations Dictionary, a publicly available dictionaries with information on the proportions of virtue and vice words for each foundation. The categories are harm (vice/virtue), fairness (vice/virtue), ingroup (vice/virtue), authority (vice/virtue), purity (vice/virtue) and morality (general).

This version is 2.0 version of the dictionary, recommended over the first version of the MDF by its authors.




An object of class dictionary2 of length 10.

Source; a previous version is available at


Frimer, J. et. al. (2017). Moral Foundations Dictionaries for Linguistic Analyses, 2.0. University of Winnipeg Manuscript.

Haidt, J., Graham, J., & Nosek, B.A. (2009). doi: 10.1037/a0015141Liberals and Conservatives Rely on Different Sets of Moral Foundations. Journal of Personality and Social Inquiry, 20(2–3), 110–119.

Graham, J., & Haidt, J. (2016). Moral Foundations Dictionary.:

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