quanteda.dictionaries: An R package consisting of dictionaries for text analysis and...

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Provides text analysis dictionaries and additional functionality for their use in text analysis frameworks, especially quanteda.


The package contains several dictionaries that capture positive and negative sentiment, and other types of emotions. Moreover, the package contains word lists of words spelled differently in British and American English. These lists can be used to adjust text corpora and avoid double-counting the same word with different spellings in the same corpus.

The second main purpose of quanteda.dictionaries is the function liwcalike. It allows analyzing text corpora in a LIWC-alike fashion. LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) is a standalone software distributed at http://liwc.wpengine.com. liwcalike takes a quanteda corpus as an input and allows to easily apply dictionaries to the text corpus. The output returns a data.frame consisting of percentages and other quantities, as well as the count of all dictionary categories in each document.

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