Man pages for kbroman/qtlcharts
Interactive Graphics for QTL Experiments

cbindQTLeffectsCombine multiple runs of estQTLeffects
estQTLeffectsCalculate QTL effects at each position across the genome
geneExprAnonymized gene expression data
gravArabidopsis QTL data on gravitropism
iboxplotModern boxplot linked to underlying histrograms
idotplotInteractive phenotype x genotype plot
iheatmapInteractive heat map
ipleiotropyTool to explore pleiotropy
iplotInteractive scatterplot
iplotCorrImage of correlation matrix with linked scatterplot
iplotCurvesPlot of a bunch of curves, linked to points in scatterplots
iplotMapInteractive genetic map plot
iplotMScanoneInteractive LOD curve
iplotPXGInteractive phenotype x genotype plot
iplotRFInteractive plot of recombination fractions
iplotScanoneInteractive LOD curve
iplotScantwoInteractive plot of 2d genome scan
itriplotInteractive plot of trinomial probabilities
qtlcharts-packageR/qtlcharts: Interactive charts for QTL data
qtlcharts-shinyShiny bindings for R/qtlcharts widgets
qtlchartsversionprint the installed version of R/qtlcharts
scat2scatScatterplot driving another scatterplot
setScreenSizeSet default maximum screen size
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