Man pages for kbroman/simcross
Simulate Experimental Crosses

AILpedExample AIL pedigree
calc_LstarCalculate adjusted chromosome length for obligate chiasma
CCcolorsCollaborative Cross colors
check_pedigreeCheck a pedigree for errors
collapse_do_allelesCollapse alleles for simulated DO genotypes
convert2genoConvert continuous allele information into marker genotypes
convert2geno_allchrConvert continuous allele information into marker genotypes...
create_parentCreate a parent object
crossCross two individuals
get_genoGet genotype at a single position
mouseL_coxMouse chromosome lengths
mouseL_mgiMouse chromosome lengths
plot_crosslinesPlot cross lines
plot_indPlot an individual
sim_4way_pedigreeSimulate pedigree for 4-way intercross
sim_ail_pedigreeSimulate AIL pedigree
sim_ail_pedigree_fix_nSimulate AIL pedigree with fixed n
sim_crossoversSimulate crossover locations using the Stahl model
sim_dof1_pedigreeSimulate pedigree for F1 between diversity outbreds and...
sim_do_pedigreeSimulate a pedigree for Diversity Outbred mice
sim_do_pedigree_fix_nSimulate a pedigree for Diversity Outbreds for a target...
sim_from_pedigreeSimulate genotypes for pedigree
sim_from_pedigree_allchrSimulate genotypes for pedigree for multiple chromosomes
sim_meiosisSimulate meiosis
sim_ril_pedigreeGenerate a ril pedigree
where_hetFind heterozygous regions
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