Man pages for ketanmd/xacc
Extended approximate accounting

accaccount selection
anychangescheck if any accounting info has changed
baleselect balance entries
bigeselect big amount entries
bigtextset font size for plots
blocksprocessprocess files, extract blocks, expand input blocks as needed...
blocktestnot yet functional test to make sure things are working as...
cbystd utility to see various views of accounts
cgsee good accounts
cgcsee good accounts with dollar units
cgisee investment entries : (all but dollar unit position)
costattachassign cost to each transaction
csvprocessprocess inputs from csv files if badcsvfile != ", write...
ctsee tariff accounts : (Tax, Trips, Expenses)
dollarsdollar unit records
expeselect xpense entries
findblocksfilesfind all blocksfiles to be processed
findconfigfilesfind all configfiles to be processed
findcsvfilesfind all csvfiles to be processed
fixesee fixed deposit entries
fromnoteutility to extract note fields
gaccgood accounts for selection
hcTransaction extraction hints
hsSelector expression hints
huhints for data maintenance
inhomefind input files
knownfind config files
ledgercmdreturn command to invoke ledger
lockesee fixed deposit instruments still locked up: absolutely...
lstrfor debugging, limit str output to six elements
makenewpassbookconstruct empty passbook
notaccaccount deselection
notenote selection
noteslist available note fields
notunitsunits de-selection
nowpick out transactions around today
outhomefind location of output files
pbysmart plot of extracted data, stack plots, pie charts,...
pipere-export magrittr pipe operator
posprocessprocess csv file(s) for positions and prices
pyallfor debugging and for internal use extract all transaction...
pycsvfor debugging and for internal use return all transactions as...
pypqreturn all price lines
pyprxreturn all price lines
qwfor internal and for public use, mimic perl qw function
read.hsbcprocess a csv file downloaded from hsbc
read.jpmprocess a csv file downloaded from jpm
sinceselect transactions on or after date b
std'standard loading scheme
sumtgeneral aggregation function, should be applied directly to...
supdinvoke upd with messages suppressed, update accounting info...
tacctariff accounts for selection
tacctypeacctype selection
todayspecial dates
transprocessprocess csv file(s) for transactions
tunitsunits selection
untilselect transactions on or before date e
updupdate accounting info by reprocessing all input files
valattachassign value to each transaction
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