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Use an ODM2 Database in R

check_variables_listCheck that the names of a variables list are in a database
create_sqliteMake a new ODM2 sqlite database
db_describe_annotationAdd a new annotation text
db_describe_equipmentAdd a piece of equipment to the equipment table
db_describe_methodDescribe a new method
db_describe_organizationAdd a new entry to the Organizations table
db_describe_personDescribe a new person in the people and affiliations tables
db_describe_siteDescribe a new site
db_describe_site_geomDescribe a new site with geometry
db_describe_variableDescribe a new variable
db_get_equipmentGet list of equipment currently in database
db_get_methodsGet list of methods currently in database
db_get_peopleGet list of people currently in database
db_get_samplesGet list of sample codes currently in database
db_get_sitesGet list of site codes currently in database
db_get_variablesGet list of variables currently in database
db_get_water_level_tsFunction to retrieve time series data with variablecode...
db_insert_measurements_smInsert new soil moisture measurements - OLD please use...
db_insert_results_mInsert measurement data values to ODM2 database
db_insert_results_samplesInsert sample result data values to ODM2 database
db_insert_results_tsInsert time series data values to ODM2 database
db_insert_sample_relationsInsert new sample relationships to the related features table
db_insert_sites_latlonInsert new sites from a new_sites table
get_cv_termsPrint a list of controlled vocabulary terms
insert_processinglevelInsert new processinglevel
pipeSearch for site names with a pattern
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