Man pages for kidusasfaw/spatPomp
Methods for Spatiotemporal POMPs

asifAdapted Simulation Island Filter (ASIF)
asifirAdapted Simulation Island Filter with Intermediate Resampling...
bmBrownian motion spatPomp generator
bpfilterBlock Particle Filter (bpfilter)
ebmBrownian motion spatPomp generator
enkfGeneralized Ensemble Kalman filter
gbmGeometric Brownian motion spatPomp generator
girfGuided intermediate resampling filter (GIRF)
hippieHigh-dimensional Iterated Perturbed Parameter Inference...
ienkfIterative Ensemble Kalman Filter (IENKF)
igirfIterated guided intermediate resampling filter (iGIRF)
lorenzLorenz 96 spatPomp generator
measlesMeasles in UK spatPomp generator
ouLinear-Gaussian spatPomp generator
spatPompConstructor of the basic spatPomp object
spatPomp-classAn S4 class to represent a spatiotemporal POMP model and...
spatPomp-packageInference for SpatPOMPs (Spatiotemporal Partially Observed...
vec_dmeasureEvaluate the unit measurement model density function for each...
vec_rmeasureSimulate from the unit measurement model density function for...
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