Man pages for kidusasfaw/spatPomp
Inference for Spatiotemporal Partially Observed Markov Processes

abfAdapted Bagged Filter (ABF)
abfirAdapted Bagged Filter with Intermediate Resampling (ABF-IR)
arma_benchmarkCalculated log-ARMA log-likelihood benchmark for spatPomp...
as_data_frameCoerce to data frame
bmBrownian motion spatPomp simulator
bm2Brownian motion spatPomp generator with shared or...
bm2_kalman_logLikExact log-likelihood for Brownian motion spatPomp generator...
bm_kalman_logLikExact log-likelihood for Brownian motion spatPomp generator
bpfilterBlock particle filter (BPF)
city_data_UKCity data in the United Kingdom
dunit_measuredunit_measure 'dunit_measure' evaluates the unit measurement...
enkfGeneralized Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF)
gbmGeometric Brownian motion spatPomp simulator
girfGuided intermediate resampling filter (GIRF)
he10Measles in UK: spatPomp generator with shared or...
he10coordinatesCity data in the United Kingdom
he10demographyDemographic data for 20 towns in the United Kingdom
he10measlesMeasles in the United Kingdom
he10mleMeasles in the United Kingdom: MLE from He et al (2010)
ibpfIterated block particle filter (IBPF)
ienkfIterated ensemble Kalman filter (IEnKF)
igirfIterated guided intermediate resampling filter (IGIRF)
iubfIterated Unadapted Bagged Filter (IUBF)
loglikLog likelihood
lorenzLorenz '96 spatPomp simulator
measlesMeasles in UK spatPomp generator
measles2Measles in UK: spatPomp generator with shared or...
measlesUKMeasles in the United Kingdom
param_formatsBook-keeping functions for working with expanded parameters
plotPlotting 'spatPomp' data
printPrint methods
simulateSimulation of a spatiotemporal partially-observed Markov...
spatPompConstructor of the spatPomp object
spatPomp-classAn S4 class to represent a spatiotemporal POMP model and...
spatPomp_CsnippetC snippets
spatPomp-packageInference for SpatPOMPs (Spatiotemporal Partially Observed...
unit_namesUnit names of a spatiotemporal model
vec_dmeasureVector of measurement densities
vec_rmeasureVector of simulated measurements
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