Man pages for kieranrcampbell/SpatialStats
Statistics for spatially resolved proteomics data

AdjustCovtestsClean up and bonferroni adjust multiple 'covTest' results
BindSPEBind multiple sample data together
clusterClassClusters cells into different classes using PCA-Gaussian...
ConstructSampleFactorsConstruct model matrix for integrating multiple samples
findid-methodsFind the cell class with the highest/lowest average channel
FindOverlapGiven a list of two pathway results, find the overlap between...
general-lassosig-methodsCall 'LassoSig' for multiple response variables
lassosig-methodsHigh dimensional significance test for LASSO using the...
lmNormalizeProvides column by column normalisation on Y given cell size...
NormalizeSPNormalization of an 'SPData' object
TotalProteinNormalizeUses lm normalisation to normalize by cell concentration
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