FindOverlap: Given a list of two pathway results, find the overlap between...

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The result of the spatial pathway identification is a two-column matrix, where each row represents the numeric identifiers of the causal direction of the pathway, so 1 4 3 2 would indicate there is a pathway from component 1 to 4, and from 3 to 2. If we use multiple methods to find these, it is useful to find the overlap - pathways reported from both methods. This method does that, effectively taking the intersection of the two matrices and returning the results in a similar matrix.


FindOverlap(results, remove = c("same", "different"))



A list containg two 'pathway' matrices


Which results to keep: if "same" then 1 1 would be reported but 1 2 discarded, but if "different" then 1 2 would be reported but 1 1 discarded (useful for finding pathways that don't go from same component to same component)


A matrix showing common pathways.

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