Man pages for kieranrcampbell/bnlfa
Interpretable marker-based single-cell pseudotime using Bayesian parametric models

cluster_consistencyCluster the consistency matrix
consistencyCreate, order, and plot a consistency matrix
example_gexExample gene expression matrix
generegDifferences in regulation timing
mapExtract the MAP estimates from a 'ouija_fit'
ouiPrecomputed Ouija fit
ouijaFit a Ouija object.
plot_diagnosticsPlot MCMC diagnostics.
plotexprsPlot fitted expression, switch times, and peak times
predexprsPredicted expression (mean and sampling)
print.ouija_fitPrint a 'ouija_fit'
pseudotime_errorPseudotime errors
regulation_dfGet regulation df
transientGeneric function to model transient expression whenever...
tsigmoidGeneric function to return sigmoid whenever needed
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