Man pages for kkholst/mets
Analysis of Multivariate Event Times

aalenfrailtyAalen frailty model
back2timeregConvert to timereg object
basehazplot.phregPlotting the baslines of stratified Cox
bicompriskEstimation of concordance in bivariate competing risks data
binomial.twostageFits Clayton-Oakes or bivariate Plackett (OR) models for...
biprobitBivariate Probit model
blocksampleBlock sampling
bptwinLiability model for twin data
casewiseEstimates the casewise concordance based on Concordance and...
casewise.testEstimates the casewise concordance based on Concordance and...
ClaytonOakesClayton-Oakes model with piece-wise constant hazards
cluster.indexFinds subjects related to same cluster
concordanceConcordance Computes concordance and casewise concordance
cor.cifCross-odds-ratio, OR or RR risk regression for competing...
daggregateaggregating for for data frames
DbvnDerivatives of the bivariate normal cumulative distribution...
dbyCalculate summary statistics grouped by
dcorsummary, tables, and correlations for data frames
dcutCutting, sorting, rm (removing), rename for data frames
dermalridgesDermal ridges data (families)
dermalridgesMZDermal ridges data (monozygotic twins)
divide.conquerSplit a data set and run function
divide.conquer.timeregSplit a data set and run function from timereg and aggregate
dlagLag operator
dprintlist, head, print, tail
drelevelrelev levels for data frames
dsortSort data frame
dtabletables for data frames
dtransformTransform that allows condition
easy.binomial.twostageFits two-stage binomial for describing depdendence in...
easy.survival.twostageWrapper for easy fitting of Clayton-Oakes or bivariate...
EVaddGamRelative risk for additive gamma model
eventpoisExtract survival estimates from lifetable analysis
familycluster.indexFinds all pairs within a cluster (family)
familyclusterWithProbands.indexFinds all pairs within a cluster (famly) with the proband...
fast.approxFast approximation
fast.patternFast pattern
fast.reshapeFast reshape
gofG.phregStratified baseline graphical GOF test for Cox covariates in...
gofM.phregGOF for Cox covariates in PH regression
gof.phregGOF for Cox PH regression
Grandom.cifAdditive Random effects model for competing risks data for...
internalFor internal use
ipwInverse Probability of Censoring Weights
ipw2Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights
lifecourseLife-course plot
lifetable.matrixLife table
menaMenarche data set
mets.optionsSet global options for 'mets'
mets-packageAnalysis of Multivariate Events
migrMigraine data
multcifMultivariate Cumulative Incidence Function example data set
npnp data set
phregFast Cox PH regression
plack.cifplack Computes concordance for or.cif based model, that is...
pmvnMultivariate normal distribution function
predict.phregPredictions from proportional hazards model
print.casewiseprints Concordance test
prtProstate data set
random.cifRandom effects model for competing risks data
recurrent.marginalFast recurrent marginal mean when death is possible
simAalenFrailtySimulate from the Aalen Frailty model
simClaytonOakesSimulate from the Clayton-Oakes frailty model
simClaytonOakesWeiSimulate from the Clayton-Oakes frailty model
sim.recurrentSimulation of recurrent events data based on cumulative...
sim.recurrentIISimulation of recurrent events data based on cumulative...
summary.corSummary for dependence models for competing risks
survival.twostageTwostage survival model for multivariate survival data
test.concConcordance test Compares two concordance estimates
tetrachoricEstimate parameters from odds-ratio
twinbmiBMI data set
twin.clustertruncEstimation of twostage model with cluster truncation in...
twinlmClassic twin model for quantitative traits
twinsimSimulate twin data
twinstutStutter data set
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