Man pages for kmcconeghy/flumodelr
An R Package for Estimating Attributable Influenza Morbidity and Mortality

cdc122cityDeaths in 122 U.S. cities - 1962-2016. 122 Cities Mortality...
fludifffludiff: Compute excess mortality
fludtaSample dataset for examples. Derived from CDC 122 cities...
fluglmfluglm: Generate fitted prediction values with generalized...
flumflum: General modeling function for Attributable Influenza...
fluplotfluplot: Convenience wrapper for standard trend plot
fluserffluserf: Fit a Serfling Model on Time Series Data
get_fitvalsget_fitvals: extract fit values from glm fit object
grgr: Bar graph for ird models
ilinetCDC Outpatient Influenza Surveillance - ILINET
irdird: Perform incidence rate-difference models
mk_flu_formmk_flu_form: Build model formula for internal use
nrevssCDC WHO NREVSS Laboratory Data
rbrb: Compute differences in ird model
test_proptest_prop: Evaluate if numeric vector is a proportion
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