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Three single-mode undirected static networks, each varying in size but and general start date. Time steps are in WEEKs, where the full Network (dynamic) consists of a total of 148 steps. Contacts are defined by a spatial window of 10-meters within a 10-minute window.




Thirty-Four Monthly network objects, and one single COMPLETE network object


static networks for all 3 species in the same month-time; includes within and between-species interactions based on interactions defined by a 10x10 spatial-temporal window


Complete network includes 116 nodes / actors from August 22, 2017 through May 02, 2020. Otherwise, monthly networks are MOSTLY complete except for the last month (May 2020) which only has 2 days observed, and the first month (August 2017), which only has the last week or so observed.


Karla Rascon-Garcia

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