apply_transformers: Apply transformers to a parse table

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apply_transformersR Documentation

Apply transformers to a parse table


The column multi_line is updated (after the line break information is modified) and the rest of the transformers are applied afterwards, The former requires two pre visits and one post visit.


apply_transformers(pd_nested, transformers)



A nested parse table.


A list of named transformer functions


The order of the transformations is:

  • Initialization (must be first).

  • Line breaks (must be before spacing due to indention).

  • Update of newline and multi-line attributes (must not change afterwards, hence line breaks must be modified first).

  • spacing rules (must be after line-breaks and updating newlines and multi-line).

  • indention.

  • token manipulation / replacement (is last since adding and removing tokens will invalidate columns token_after and token_before).

  • Update indention reference (must be after line breaks).

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