catch_style_file_output: Capture and post-process the output of 'style_file' without...

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Capture and post-process the output of style_file without causing side effects





A vector with paths relative to tests/testthat the path to the reference file.


A list. Each element is a character vector with the captured output of style_file() called on file_in ran in a temp dir to avoid side effects on the input file (because the next time the test would ran, the file would not need styling). The styling is carried out with a temporary working directory change to keep filenames relative and avoid portability issues in the exact output comparison which is needed when the system that runs the unit testing (CI) is a different system than the one that created the reference value. This also implies that the ruler width, which depend on the path length, will again have the same width on all systems and is independent of how many characters the path of the temporary directory has.

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