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Alpha and Beta Diversity Measures

berger_parker_dBerger-Parker dominance
binomial_devianceBinomial deviance and CY index of dissimilarity
bray_curtisBray-Curtis distance
bray_curtis_componentsBalanced variation and abundance gradient components for...
canberraCanberra and related distances
chebyshevChebyshev distance
correlation_distanceCorrelation and cosine distance
diversity_measuresDiversity measures implemented
euclideanEuclidean and related distances
faith_pdFaith's phylogenetic diversity
faith_treeExample data for Faith's phylogenetic diversity
hammingHamming distance
jaccardBeta diversity for presence/absence data
jaccard_componentsNestedness and turnover components for presence/absence data
kempton_taylor_qKempton-Taylor Q index
kullback_leibler_divergenceKullback-Leibler divergence
leprieur_treeExample data for phylogenetic nestedness and turnover...
lozupone_treeExample data for UniFrac distance
manhattanManhattan and related distances
margalefMargalef's richness index
match_to_treeMatch vector of counts to phylogenetic tree
mcintosh_dMcIntosh dominance index D
mcintosh_eMcIntosh's evenness measure E
menhinickMenhinick's richness index
minkowskiMinkowski distance
morisitaThe Morisita index and Horn-Morisita index
richnessRichness or number of observed species
ruzickaRuzicka or weighted Jaccard distance
shannonShannon diversity and related measures
simpsonSimpson's index and related measures
strongStrong's dominance index
unifracUniFrac distance
unifrac_componentsNestedness and turnover components of unweighted UniFrac...
weighted_kulczynski_secondWeighted Kulczynski distance
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