Man pages for kylieainslie/MoreVac
Modelling Repeat Vaccination

drift_funcDrift generating function
get_attack_ratesMulti-annual model of infection and vaccination (version 2)
get_lifetime_infGet number of lifetime infections by age
infectInfection function
initialize_popInitialize population
multiannualMulti-annual model of infection and vaccination (version 2)
multiannual2Multi-annual model of infection and vaccination (version 2)
plot_attack_ratesPlot multi-annual attack rates
plot_lifetime_infectionsPlot multi-annual attack rates
process_sim_outputProcesses simulation output into a data frame
read_in_sim_dataRead in simulation output
run_simRun simulations of multi-annual model of infection and...
run_sim_2Run simulations of multiannual() model of infection and...
suscept_funcSusceptibility function
vaccinateVaccination function
vaccine_updateVaccine update function
vac_dist_funcCalculate vaccine distance from current strain based on last...
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