Man pages for lanagarmire/NMFEM
Non-negative Matrix Factorization analysis and module generation for scRNA-Seq data

construct_weighted_graph_from_edge_listContruct weighted graph using node weights
fpkmFPKM table of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from two...
generate_spinglass_communitiesGenerate communities using Spin Glass algorithm
get_monte_carlo_simulation_p_valuesDo Monte Carlo simulation
GO_analysisGene Ontology (GO) term analysis
hppiHuman Protein Protein Interaction Network
KEGG_analysisKEGG pathway analysis
leading_genesLeading genes of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from two...
mppiMouse Protein Protein Interaction Network
nmf_subpopulationDetect subpopulations using NMF
pheGrouping vector of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from...
plot_module_graphPlot module graph
spinglass_procedureGenerate modules from seed genes using Spinglass community...
toyA toy dataset
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