Man pages for lbraglia/lbmisc
Miscellaneous Utilty Functions

add_cartesian_planeAdd cartesian system to a plot
add_gridAdd grid to a plot
add_to_wbFaster export with openxlsx
altro_specificareHandle other specify questions in a sensible way
ciceroCicero: some similarities with moustache's idea but designed...
col2hexReturn an hex color
comment_dfComment several variables of a data.frame
compare_columnsCompare columns progressively
date_mdyCreate a 'Date' from month, day and year.
date_plusAdd a period of time to a Date object
datetime_importQuick alias for importing italian csv common datetime
dayExtract numeric days of month from a 'Date', 'POSIXct' or...
dmy_importQuick alias for importing italian csv common date formats
dummifyGenerate a data.frame of dummy variables given a vector
duplicated2Determine all duplicate elements
end_show_ifend showing a chunk of a report if a logical condition is met
eng_maximaA maxima engine for knitr
enrollment_periodFind the start and end of enrollment
exporterExport a list of dataset to an xlsx file
factor_blankNAMake a factor from character removing all blanks "" values...
flattenflatten a list of nested list
get_preprocessorsmake a list of suitable preprocessors for omonimous argument...
group_prog_idGroup progressive id creator
importerImport massively all the data from a xlsx dataset or a...
inchesTranslates from cm (centimeters) to inches.
in_rangeCheck if in range
is.Datetest if a vector is a date
is.percentageTest if a vector represents a percentage variable
is.qualitativeTest if a vector represents a qualitative variable
is.quantitativeTest if a vector represents a quantitative variable
is.uniqueUtility function to check whether an object is unique
is.vector2Vector testing for humans (tm)
knitr_inlineknitr default pretty printer
latex_cipretty print confidence interval from a vector
lbmiscYet another package of miscellaneous functions
list2globalenvSave a named list (eg a list of data.frames from...
margin_letterFunction to draw a letter in a figure angle, after having...
monthExtract numeric months of the year from a Date, POSIXct or...
names_listPrint the names of x as list for easy paste/copy in excel
NA_plotplot patterns of missing values
NA_removeremove NA and make a message with number of units deleted
NA_reportReport NA variables per case
ninInverse Value Matching
nosi_importImport an italian or english no/si-yes character variable and...
pii_eraseRemove PII (Personally identifiable information) from a...
plot_funPlot a mathematical function (enhanced version of curve)
preprocess_datapreprocess data
preprocess_varnamesPreprocess data.frame variable names
pretty_pvalPretty print for p-values
print_unique_valuesPrint the unique values of the elements composing x
pval_starsPretty print for p-values
read.xlsx_allsRead all sheets from an xlsx
recodeVector recode utility
replace_mr_with_dummiesReplace smarty multiple responses with proper dummies
rm_accentsRemove accents from a character vector
rm_spacesRemove spaces from a character vector
rm_unprintable_charsRemove unprintable chars
r_newsread R news
r_versionhandy R version
segments_textDisplay a line with text above in a figure
show_colShow R colors for graphics and grid package
show_ifshow a chunk of a report if a logical condition is met
show_pchShow 'pch'
smarty_mr_splitterSmarty Multiple Response Splitter
spss_datetimeConvert datetime values from SPSS
table2dfmake a data.frame from a table of counts
to_00_charTransform an integer vector to a character prefixed by an...
unoconvUnoconv file converter from R
update_packagesupdate package shortcut
verbose_coerceCoerce/convert data verbosely if NA is introduced by coercion
verbose_lapplyPrint names of the list elements as progress while simulating...
wb_to_xlSave an openxlsx workbook in an excel format quickly
withoutRemove elements from a vector, chosing from another vector
write_sasCreate a .zip for SAS (data + sas file)
yearExtract numeric years from a Date, POSIXct or POSIXlt vector.
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