Man pages for lcomm/ltools
Helper Functions

add.chainAdding chain to custom traceplot
addDimensionAdd a dimension based on an existing object
BCLmatConvert vector version of baseline category logit in familiar...
bunny_functionA bunny litmus tests
cat_functionA Cat Function
col2alphaQuickly add alpha transparency to a color
colMediansColumn medians
column_pickerSelect elements from a matrix based on a vector of column...
dMultinomMultinomial density (temporary)
dMultinomCppEvaluate vector of multinomial densities
expitExpit (Inverse logit)
GelmanRubinGelman-Rubin convergence statistic
getMeanSDCIMake table of posterior mean, standard deviation, and...
getPostMeanMedCIMake table of posterior mean, median, and credible interval
impute_UImpute unmeasured binary confounder U
initialize_containersFunction to initialize containers
inst.ifInstall and load packages if necessary
latexMatWrite LaTeX code to print a matrix
ltoolsltools: a package of helper functions
makeBlocksFunction to make block identifiers for parameter updating
makeCIQuantile-based credible interval for a vector
makeCIsQuantile-based credible intervals for a columns of a matrix
make_dummyMake a dummy matrix version of a vector (reference level = 1)
mclapply.hackmclapply.hack: forking for Windows
my.acfplotCustom autocorrelation plots
my.kableCustomized kable (table-making function for knitr)
my.pbPostQuick R pushbullet message
my.pngQuick way to increase resolution for pngs
my.pvalP-value formatting
my.traceplotCustom traceplot with thinning and burn-in
rMultinomSample from multinomial distribution
slow_column_pickerChoose column based on an input vector
unrollUnroll a list and save its elements into the parent...
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