Man pages for leandroroser/PeixotoLabCode
Several functions for rna-seq analysis

do_PCAPrincipal Component Analysis via Singular Value Decomposition
filter_featuresFilter a matrix with counts
filter_features_by_FCFilter features by FC
model_cpm_countsLinear models for cpm vs counts and counts vs cpm
normalize_countsNormalize counts using a normalization method + correction of...
normalize_counts_extraNormalization for counts matrix x
plot_biplotBiplot representation of a pca analysis
plot_dendrogramPlot a dendrogram
plot_expressiongenerate RLE plot
plot_filter_diagnosticDiagnostic plots for read filtering
plot_PCAPlot a PCA analysis obtained with do_PCA
plot_PdistPlot distribution of P-values
plot_RLEgenerate RLE plot
plot_tanglegramPlot a tanglegram
plot_VolcanoVolcano plots
top_tableGenerate dynamic table
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