Man pages for leonawicz/apputils
Supporting Functions For Shiny Apps Development

app_citationGenerate a recommended app citation
appintroApp launch information
app_overlayAdd HTML content to app launch overlay
app_showcaseGenerate app showcase content
apputilsapputils: The 'apputils' package contains common utility...
brushed_dataFilter data frame based on plot brush
colorFacetColoring and faceting helper for ggplot
color_indexerColor re-indexing
contactinfoAdd contact information widget
dashboard_footerAdd footer to Shiny dashboard sidebar
exAppRun app examples
faqGenerate a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) widget
get_breaksCreate breaks for ggplot
get_plotthemeGet ggplot theme
getPositionPositioning helper for ggplot
ggObservePlot observers
iconOverride shiny icon function
infoBoxOverride shinydashboard infoBox function
inputs_not_nullRequire non-null inputs in app UI
interactInteraction helper for ggplot
kilo_megaKilo and Mega labels for rescaled data
makeIconsGenerate png thumbnail icons for various quantities
mouseInfoMouseover info
mouseLogMouseover info browser feedback
pasteByLengthCreate sensible readable string from a vector
pTextSizeSize of text in overridden shiny dashboard value box function...
read_md_paragraphsRead paragraphs from file
sbg_to_tablesConvert stat box groups output to list of data frames
statIconAccessor for apputils icons
tableRowColorsColor table rows according to ggplot coloring by groups.
tolpalGenerate a vector of colors
tour_changeClassGenerate a JS callback string for rintrojs tour
update_toastr_cssUpdate shinytoastr css
use_apputilsInitialize apputils
valueBoxOverride shinydashboard valueBox function
valueBoxColorsCSSGenrate CSS for different colored value boxes.
valueBoxPaletteGenerate CSS for a value box color palette.
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