Man pages for leospeidel/relater
What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

filter.allele_agesFilter allele_ages by quality of tree
get.allele_agesCompile allele ages file
get_hap_matrixGet haplotype matrix (L x N)
PolyTestTest for evidence of polygenic selection
PolyTest_InitInitialise polygenic selection test
PolyTest_ResampleSNPsResample selection p-values
read.avg_rateParse average rate file
read.coalParse coal file
read.freqParse freq file
read.hapsParse haps file
read.linParse lin file
read.mutParse mut file
read.qualParse qual file
read.sampleParse sample file
read.seleParse sele file
timesTwoMultiply a number by two
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