1. Purpose

Inform current users of baytrends R package on update procedure.

2. Procedure

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Verify

2.1. Download

Download the zip file from Google Drive link below.


2.2. Install the Package

Depending on the users program environment there are differing methods to install the revised package. Only one of the following methods needs to be employed.

2.2.1. RStudio

Using RStudio the install is done via the toolbar:

  1. Tools
  2. Install Packages
  3. Change "Install from:" to "Package Archive File (.zip;.tar.gz)"
  4. Select "Browse" and choose baytrends zip
  5. Click "Install"

2.2.2. R GUI

Using the base R GUI the install is done via the toolbar:

  1. Packages
  2. Install Packages from local file(s)
  3. Browse to baytrends zip
  4. Select Open

When done R should print to the console:

package 'baytrends' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked

2.2.3. GitHub

Commands can be typed in to the R console to update from the internet by retrieving the package from its host location on GitHub (a file sharing platform). This method requires the package devtools and should only be used by experienced users.


2.3. Verify Install

To verify the install of baytrends type in the commands below into the R console.

This will display all of the help files and version number for the baytrends package.


If get any error messages about needing packages (e.g., with a fresh version of R) will need to install those packages as well.

For example, with a fresh install of R v3.4.3 the following code was necessary to install all of the dependent packages for baytrends to function properly. New package can be included in the myPkgs vector inside the pararentheses. New packages should be enclosed in quotes and should be preceeded with a comma.

myPkgs <- c("lubridate"
            , "dataRetrieval"
            , "digest"
            , "memoise"
            , "XML"
            , "zCompositions"
            , "pander")
lapply(myPkgs, function(x) install.packages(x))

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