Man pages for levisc8/Fun_Phylo_Package
Helpers to Power the Fun Phylo Shiny App

AW_calcCompute an abundance weighted FPD
func_phy_distFunctional-Phylogenetic Distances (FPD)
make_local_phylo_distMake Local Scale Phylogenetic Distance Matrix
make_local_trait_distMake a functional trait distance matrix
make_local_trait_ktabCreate a subsetted KTab
make_regional_phylo_distMake a species pool-level phylogenetic distance matrix
make_regional_trait_distMake a regional scale functional distance matrix
make_regional_trait_ktabMake a KTab for a whole data set
r2_calcExtract R^2 from a linear model
rarefy_FPDRarefied Function-Phylogenetic Distances
tysonTyson Research Center data set
weighted.minCalculate abundance weighted NND
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