Man pages for levisc8/spind
Spatial Methods and Indices

acfftSpatial autocorrelation diagnostics
adjusted.actualsAdjusted actual values
aic.calcAkaike Information Criterion with correction for sample size
carlinadataCarlina data set
covar.plotPlot wavelet variance/covariance
GEEGEE (Generalized Estimating Equations)
hookHook data set
mmiGEEMulti-model inference for GEE models
mmiWMRRMulti-model inference for wavelet multiresolution regression
musdataMus musculus data set
qic.calcQuasi-Information Criterion for Generalized Estimating...
rvi.plotRelative Variable Importance
scaleWMRRScaling by wavelet multiresolution regression (WMRR)
spindspind: Spatial Methods and Indices
step.spindStepwise model selection for GEEs and WRMs
th.depSpatial threshold-dependent accuracy measures
th.indepSpatial threshold-independent accuracy measures
upscaleUpscaling of smooth components
wavecovarWavelet covariance analysis
wavevarWavelet variance analysis
WRMWavelet-revised models (WRMs)
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