Man pages for lilywang1988/IAfrac
Tools for weighted log-rank tests

approx.IApproximate information for an arbitrary survival function
avg.hazCalcualte the average hazard ratios
cor.0Predicted cross-test correlation
data.trimTrim the data
FH.frac.calInformation fraction for Fleming-Harrington weighted log-rank...
FH.tableBasic function for Fleming-Harrington family weighted...
FH.testFleming-Harrington weighted log-rank tests
getcBasic functions
I.0Precdict information/covariance under null hypothesis
I.1Predicted information/covariance under the alternative...
IAfracIAfrac: A package for interim analysis using weighted...
I_tEstimated information based on the data
logrank.tableBasic function for standard log-rank test
sample.size_FHSample size calculation for Fleming-Harrington weighted...
survKM_minusCalculate the survival functions
WLR.testWeighted log-rank tests with any input weight
WLR.test.covEstimate the covariance and correlation between two arbitrary...
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