Man pages for lin-lab/SKAT
SNP-Set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test

Close_SSDClose SNP set data file (SSD)
Generate_SSD_SetIDGenerate SNP set data file (SSD)
Get_ENTEstimate the effective number of tests for Bonferroni...
Get_Genotypes_SSDGet Genotype data from SSD file
Get_Logistic_WeightsGet the logistic weight
Get_RequiredSampleSizeGet the required sample size to achieve the given power
Get_Resampling_PvalueCompute a resampling p-value
Open_SSDOpen SNP set data file (SSD)
Power_ContinuousPower calculation, continuous traits
Power_LogisticPower calculation, Dichotomous traits
QQPlot_AdjAdjusted QQ plot
Read_Plink_FAMRead Plink FAM and covariates files
Read_SNP_WeightFileRead a file with custom weights
Resampling_FWERObtain significant SNP sets after controlling family wise...
SKATSNP-set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
SKATBinarySNP set test for binary traits with asymptotic and efficient...
SKATBinary.exampleExample data for SKAT
SKATBinary_SingleSingle variant tests for binary traits with Firth and...
SKAT_ChrXSNP-set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test for X chromosome...
SKAT_CommonRareSKAT for the combined effect of common and rare variants
SKAT.exampleExample data for SKAT
SKAT.example.ChrXExample data for SKAT
SKAT.fam.exampleExample data for SKAT_NULL_emmaX
SKAT.haplotypesHaplotype dataset for power calculation
SKAT_NULL_emmaXGet parameters and residuals from the null model with...
SKAT_Null_ModelGet parameters and residuals from the NULL model
SKAT_Null_Model_MomentAdjustGet parameters and residuals from the NULL model for small...
SKAT.SSD.AllSNP-set Kernel Association Test
SSD_FILE_OPENInternal variables for SSD
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