Man pages for lm687/CompSign
Study of mutational signatures using compositional data analysis (CoDA) techniques

addPseudoCountsAdd pseudocounts; renormalise
Breast560Normalised exposures of 560 Breast Cancer genomes from the...
cleanObjectTo be added in the package
compare_populationsCompare two groups
comp_ldaIt computes the LDA for categorical responses (??? need to...
comp_lm(ongoing) Linear regression with compositional data as the...
comp_logisticPerforms logistic regression, as explained in the reference
count_matrixRetrieve count matrix from object of class sign.
count_matrix-setAssign count matrix from object of class sign
createDendrogramCreate a dendrogram, using Aithchison distance, of the...
deprecated_comp_logisticPerform logistic regression
helloHello, World!
id-setAdd name to object of class sign or merged_compositional
merged_compositional-classClass whiuch inludes features of both metadata and mutational...
merged_compositional_to_signConvert a 'sign' object to a 'merged_compositional_to_sign'...
metadataRetrieve count matrix from object of class sign.
metadata-setAssign metadata to object of class sign
to_signConverts a matrix to a sign object
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