Man pages for loicdtx/bfastSpatial
Utilities to monitor for change on satellite image time-series

annualSummaryAnnual summary of a time series RasterBrick
areaSieveApply a sieve to a raster layer
bfastSpatial-packageUtilities for change monitoring on spatio-temporal data
bfmPixelApply bfmastmonitor on a single pixel
bfmSpatialFunction to run bfastmonitor on any kind of raster brick,...
bfmSpOverRuns bfastmonitor for a spatial subset with aggregation
bfmZooRuns bfastmonitor on a zoo object
changeMonthExtract month of change from bfmChange RasterLayer
cleanBrickClean the history period of a raster time series
clumpSizeCalculate size of pixel clumps in a RasterLayer
countObsValid observations per pixel
flattenBrickConvert a RasterBrick or RasterStack to a RasterLayer based...
getMODISinfoGet MODIS infos
getSceneinfoRetrieve Landsat info from filenames zip archives
mc.calcMulticore implementation of the raster::'calc' function.
processLandsatWrapper function to process Landsat data
processLandsatBatchProcess Landsat data in batch mode
processMODISbatchWrapper/batcher to pre-process MODIS data in batch mode
saveExtentDraw an extent on a raster plot and print command to console
sr2viCalculate Vegetation Index from Landsat surface reflectance...
subsetRasterTSTrim raster time series
summaryBrickSummarize a RasterBrick
timeStackCreates a time stack of Landsat layers
timeStackMODISCreates a time stack of Landsat layers
turaNDVI time series raster brick
turaSpSpatialPolygons object
zooExtractUtility to extract a zoo object from a raster time-series
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