Man pages for lorweiuk/CREx
Run behavioral experiments from R.

CRallow_alphaAllows use of alpha channel.
CRaudio_pausePauses audio being played.
CRaudio_resumeResumes the audio previously paused using 'CRaudio_pause'.
CRaudio_volumeSets volume for audio.
CRcloseClose CREx structures.
CRcolor_to_transparentSet a color in surface to transparent.
CRcreate_textureCreates a texture.
CRdraw_circleDraws outline of a circle.
CRdraw_circlesDraws outline of multiple circles.
CRdraw_imageDraws image.
CRdraw_lineDraws line.
CRdraw_linesDraws multiple lines.
CRdraw_pointDraws point.
CRdraw_pointsDraws multiple points.
CRdraw_rectDraw a rectangle.
CRdraw_rectsDraws multiple rectangles.
CRdraw_textDraws text.
CRdraw_textureCopy texture.
CRfill_circleDraws a filled circle.
CRfill_circlesDraws multiple filled circles.
CRfill_rectDraws a filled rectangle.
CRfill_rectsDraws multiple filled rectangles.
CRflushFlushes event queue.
CRget_timeGet time in milliseconds.
CRhide_mouseHides mouse symbol.
CRinit_audioInitialize audio subsystem.
CRload_fontLoads a font.
CRload_imageLoads image file.
CRload_wavLoads wav file.
CRopenInitialize graphics and related structures.
CRplay_wavPlay wav file.
CRpoll_eventPolls next event in event queue.
CRrender_clearClears rendering target.
CRrender_presentPresent to window.
CRreset_render_targetReset rendering target.
CRreset_timer_resolutionReset global resolution of Windows' timer.
CRset_render_colorSets render drawing color.
CRset_render_targetSet rendering target to texture.
CRset_timer_resolutionSet global resolution of Windows' timer.
CRshow_mouseShows mouse again.
CRwait_frWaits a certain number of frames.
CRwait_msWaits a certain number of milliseconds.
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