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The Moving Epidemic Method

add.alphaAdd an alpha value to a colour...
calcular.indicadoresCalculates specificity and sensitivity
calcular.indicadores.2.timingsCalculates specificity and sensitivity
calcular.mapcalculates map curve
calcular.optimocalculates optimum generic function
calcular.optimo.criteriocalculates optimum: fixed criteria for slope
calcular.optimo.derivadacalculates optimum: second derivative equals 0 (change signs...
calcular.optimo.originalcalculates optimum: original method: second derivative + axis...
calcular.optimo.pendientecalculates optimum: slope matches the overall slope
comparar.metodosCompares outputs from two methods of locating the epidemic
create.calendarcreate epidemiological calendar
epimemDeprecated function(s) in the mem package
epitimingDeprecated function(s) in the mem package
extraer.datos.curva.mapExtract map curve
extraer.datos.epiExtract epidemic hightest rates
extraer.datos.optimo.mapExtract optimum post-epidemic hightest rates
extraer.datos.pre.epiExtract pre-epidemic hightest rates
fill.missingfills in missing values inside the season with smoothing...
flucylCastilla y Leon influenza crude rates
flucylrawCastilla y Leon influenza standarised rates
full.series.graphCreates the historical series graph of the datasets
get.datescreate epidemiological calendar
get.epiweekcreate epidemiological calendar
iconfianzageneric confidence interval calculation function
iconfianza.aritmeticaconfidence interval for the arithmetic mean using the normal...
iconfianza.completoInt. Confianza de 2 y 1 cola, por encima y por debajo. De la...
iconfianza.geometricaconfidence interval for the geometric mean using the...
iconfianza.logxconfidence interval for a point (using log transformation and...
iconfianza.percentil.bootconfidence interval por the median using bootstrap methods
iconfianza.percentil.eqnparconfidence interval por the median using KC Method
iconfianza.percentil.kcconfidence interval por the median using KC Method
iconfianza.xconfidence interval for a point (using arithmetic mean)
maxFixNAmax function, removing Inf and -Inf
maxnvaloreshighest n values of a data set, removing Inf and -Inf
memevolutionEvolution of estimators
memgoodnessGoodness of fit of the mem
memintensityThresholds for influenza intensity
memmodelMethods for influenza modelization
mem-packagemem: The Moving Epidemic Method
memstabilityStability of indicators
memsurveillanceCreates the surveillance graph of the current season
memsurveillance.animatedCreates the animated graph of the surveillance of the current...
memtimingInfluenza Epidemic Timing
memtrendMethods for influenza trend calculation
minFixNAmin function, removing Inf and -Inf
minnvaloreslowest n values of a data set, removing Inf and -Inf
missings.insidereturns position of missing values inside the season. Leading...
normalizarstandarize data to [0,1] interval
optimal.tickmarksFind tickmarks for a given range of the y-axis that best fit... calcultation of the optimum
output.cifunction to format output
percentage.addedFor use with transformseries.multiple
processPlotsFull process plots for mem
roc.analysisAnalysis of different indicators to find the optimum value of...
semana.absolutaTransforms relative weeks to absolute weeks in a 1-52 normal...
suavizadosmoothing regression function
transformdataData transformation
transformdata.backData transformation
transformseriesTransformation of series of data
transformseries.loessloess transformation
transformseries.moving.averagemoving average transformation
transformseries.multipledivide a series in parts
transformseries.oddodd transformation
transformseries.splinespline transformation
transformseries.twowavesadjust a mixed model of two normal distributions
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