Man pages for luca-scr/msir
Model-Based Sliced Inverse Regression

loess.sdLocal Polynomial Regression Fitting with Variability bands
msirModel-based Sliced Inverse Regression (MSIR)
msir.bicBIC-type criterion for dimensionality
msir-internalInternal "msir" functions
msir.nslicesDefault number of slices
msir-packageModel-based Sliced Inverse Regression (MSIR)
msir.permutation.testPermutation test for dimensionality
msir.regularizedSigmaRegularized estimate of predictors covariance matrix.
msir.slicesSlice a vector into slices of approximately equal size
plot.msirPlot method for "msir" objects.
predict.msirModel-based Sliced Inverse Regression directions
splinplotRotating three-dimensional plot
summary.msirSummary and print methods for "msir" objects
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