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Functions and palettes related to visual enhancement

bfi25 Personality items representing 5 factors
col2hexConvert color to hex
col2labConvert color to lab
color_contrast_checkerColor contrast
colorgoricalCreate a colorgorical palette
corr_heatVisualize a correlation matrix
create_paletteCreate a color palette
create_prediction_dataGenerate prediction data
palettesCommonly used palettes
plot_coefficientsPlot coefficients
plot_coefficients.brmsfitPlot fixed or random effects coefficients for brmsfit...
plot_coefficients.lmPlot coefficients for standard linear models.
plot_coefficients.merModPlot fixed or random effects coefficients for merMod objects.
plot_coefsPlot coefficients with uncertainty
plot_fixefsPlot coefficients with uncertainty
plot_gamPlot Generalized Additive Model Results
plot_gam_2dPlot 2-way GAM smooths Plot 2-dimensional smooth terms
plot_gam_3dPlot 2d smooths in 3d
plot_gam_checkThe visualization part of gam.check
plot_ranefsPlot coefficients with uncertainty
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
theme_cleanClean visualization themes
visiblyvisibly: Functions and palettes related to visual...
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