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This module observes a custom R script. Together with RProcessStart this module can start and observe a custom R script as background process. Both functions are combined in a convenience function RProcess.


RProcessFinish(input, output, session, pwd = getwd(), millis = 1000)



argument used by shiny session


argument used by shiny session


argument used by shiny session


chr (getwd()) path of R batch process working directory.


int (1000) of the time interval in milli seconds in which to read the *.status file for possible changes


If this function is used together with RProcessStart, they both need to be called with the same id and the same pwd (working directory).

The communication between the shiny session and the R script is done via a *.status file. Input and output are handed over via a *.rds file. The working directory of the process can be defined with pwd. This is where the files are read and written as well.

To ensure that the communication between the shiny session and the R script is working properly, use Rscript_Init to start the script and Rscript_Fin to finish it. These functions belong to the Rscript communication function which should be used in the R script for communication with the shiny session. For examples see the vignette on RProcess Module Functions (vignette("RProcess_functions", package = "shinyTools")).


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See Also

Seome examples on how to use RProcess module functions are given in the vignette RProcess Module Functions (vignette("RProcess_functions", package = "shinyTools"))

In the R script communications functions such as Rscript_Init and Rscript_Fin should be used to ensure correct communication between the R script and the shiny session.

Other RProcess module functions: RProcessFinishUI, RProcessStartUI, RProcessStart, RProcessUI, RProcess

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