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This function is used finish a R script run by a RProcess module such as RProcess. It should be the last command of the script since it writes an output file, tells the shiny session about it, and ends the R session with a call to quit.


Rscript_Fin(output, log = paste("Process finishes at", Sys.time()),
  info = NULL)



object which will be handed over back to shiny session


chr arr used as log entry for this process (paste("Process finishes at", Sys.time())). Each element is a line.


ProcessInfo object or NULL (NULL). This is a list of relevant information about the process. It can be created with Rscript_Init. If NULL the global environment is searched for an object of class ProcessInfo.


The output will overwrite the input file used by the same R script. By setting progress to 1 in the *.status file, the shiny session knows that this R script has finished. It will then read the output file.

For correct communication with the shiny session an ProcessInfo object given (argument info). If a log file exists, it is appended with the message given in argument log. Each element is a line. If a session id exists the log is prefixed with it. If a process id exists, before writing anything the loaded process id is compared with the current one – read from the *.status file. If they do not match the R session ends with a call to quit. This ensures that, in case a newer version of the same process is running, the current one will quit and not overwrite anything.

See Also

These Rscript communication functions are used in R scripts started by a RProcess module such as RProcess. For some examples on how they work together see the vignette RProcess Module Functions.

Other Rscript communication functions: ReadInfo, Rscript_Abort, Rscript_Init, Rscript_Log, Rscript_Start, Rscript_Try, Rscript_Up

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