Man pages for macartan/gbiqq
Generalized BIQQ

add_edgesAdd edges to a DAG
add_prior_distributionAdd prior distribution draws
calculate_estimandCalculate estimand
calculate_multiple_estimandsCalculate multipl estimands
draw_data_eventsDraw compact data
draw_event_probDraw event probabilities
draw_lambdaDraw lambda
draw_type_probDraw type probabilities
draw_type_prob_multipleDraw matrix of type probabilities, before or after estimation
gbiqqFit stan model
get_ambiguitiesHigher level function that returns all of the type...
get_ambiguities_matrixGet ambiguities matrix
get_ancestorsGet list of ancestor variables in a dag
get_chainsCreate list by endogenous variable containing all chains...
get_children_of_exogenousGet children of exogenous variables
get_data_eventsSummarize data events
get_endogenous_varsGet endogenous variables in a DAG
get_exogenous_varsGet exogenous variables in a DAG
get_expanded_typesGet expanded types
get_max_possible_dataGet data frame with all possible data combinations
get_n_endogenous_typesGet number of endogenous types
get_nodal_typesGet list of types for variables in a DAG
get_nodal_types_depGet nodal types Nodal types are created by concatening...
get_observable_dataGet observable data implied by DAG
get_parameter_matrixGet parameter matrix
get_parentsGet list of parents in a dag
get_pi_expandersGet helpers for expanding the pi matrix
get_possible_dataGet Possible Data
get_priorsGet prior distribution
get_terminal_varsGet endogenous variables in a DAG which are also terminal
get_type_namesGet type names
get_variablesGet variable names from a DAG
grapes-greater-than-grapesAdd edge
make_ambiguity_matricesHigher level function that returns an indicator matrix...
make_ambiguity_matrix_internalInternal function that transforms the ambiguity list into an...
make_gbiqq_dataPrepare data for stan
make_modelMake a model
make_parameter_matrixMake parameter matrix
make_priorsSet priors
map_types_to_dataMap types of every varibale to observable data
permProduces the possible permutations of a set of variables
plot_dagPlot your dag using dagitty
reduce_lambdaReduce lambda If lambda is longer than nodel types, because...
restrict_nodal_typesRestrict a model
reveal_outcomesReveal outcomes
set_parameter_matrixSet parameter matrix
set_priorsSet prior distribution
simulate_dataGenerate full dataset, possibly from compact data
translate_dagittyPuts your DAG into daggity syntax (useful for using their...
unpack_wildcardUnpack a wild card
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