Man pages for machalen/QualityGraphs
Make quality graphs for microarray data based on objects obtained witharoma affymetrix normalization.

boxplot_allBoxPlots for quality control
boxplot_normBoxplot for normalized data
boxplot_rawBoxplots for raw data in log2 scale
clusterdendClusters for normalized microarray data
densityplotFunction to make density plots
densityplot_allDensity plots for microarrays
Heat.makeMake heatmaps from a numeric matrix.
makePCA3D Plot with Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
MakeVolcanoMake volcano plots from the results of DE expression
many.clusters_VMake dendrogram with different clustering techniques
QualityGraphs-packageMake quality graphs for microarray data based on objects...
qualityplotsMake different plots for microarray quality assessment.
RLE_NUSEMake relative log expression values (RLE) and normalized...
setparamSet parameters to make plots.
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