Man pages for maelle/rtimicropem
Supports the Analysis of RTI MicroPEM Output Files

batch_convertReading several MicroPEM files and saving the settings and...
CHAIA micropem output file.
chai_alarmGenerates alarm indicators for a micropem object.
clean_measuresOutputs clean rh_corrected_nephelometer measures for...
ColumbiaA micropem output file.
Columbia2A micropem output file.
convert_outputUses output file from MicroPEM to create a 'micropem' object.
identify_lagsIdentify time gaps in the data collection period
micropemAn R6 class to represent MicroPEM output information.
micropemC1A micropem object.
micropemC2A micropem object.
micropemChaiA micropem object.
rtimicropem-packageSupports the analyses of RTI MicroPEM output files.
run_shiny_appRun a built-in Shiny App.
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