examine_edge_optimisation_matrix: Examine the edge optimisation matrix to detect unfitted admix...

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If the essential number of equations is not higher than the essential number of edge variables, the quality of edge optimisation will not depend on the admix variables (expect possibly in isolated special cases where the quality can be worse), and a complaint will be given. Note: The admix variable not being fitted does not mean that there is no evidence of an admix event! Isolated values of the admix variables, possibly 0 or 1, might give significantly worse fit than a typical value (but not the other way around).





Not really a matrix but two (should be an output of build_edge_optimisation_matrix).


Calulating the rank with qr.solve sometimes crashes. Default 10^(-8).


An indicator of warning (complaint), coding all the possibilities in a way that is interpreted elsewhere (in summary.agraph_fit).

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