Man pages for mailund/coalhmm-analysis
Code for analysing the results of CoalHMM runs

bayes_factorCompute the Bayes factor between two models.
coalhmm_chainCreates an object for manipulating CoalHMM MCMC chains
convergence_diagnosticsComputes convergence diagnostics
convergence_probabilitiesComputes the probability of convergence at each windows
convergence_t_testsComputes convergence diagnistics
equal_distributionCompares the distributions for each parameter for two chains...
mergeable_chainsTests if a list of chains can be merged
model_likelihoodComputes the model log likelihood from MCMC posterior samples
parameter_samplesExtract the parameters from the samples data frame
rejected_convergenceDetermines if the diagnistics means that we reject...
strip_burninRemove the estimated burn-in samples
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